Colin Sutherland, Ken Kennedy (top rod) and Norman Irvine

A field of 18 anglers fished the National Qualifier last Sunday the 21st , in what is the first step on the road to representing Scotland in next years home internationals. Light winds and clear blue skies were the forecast which proved to be correct until about midday, when the SE breeze strengthened into a good blow.
Harray had been fishing well when there were light winds, which encouraged midge hatches, this  in turn switched the trout right on the feed, but as soon as the wind increases, the fish can prove very difficult to tempt. Finding feeding trout  was the key, and many anglers finished there day without having found many, while others had fared well. The boats were well spread out all day from Kirk Bay in the south end to Scarataing and Decca in the north and at times you would be forgiven for thinking you the only boat fishing with no others in sight.
It was very close for first position with 4 anglers on 11 fish, but ultimately it was Ken Kennedy who took top spot with his total bag weight of 8lb 7 1/4ozs, closely followed by boat partner for the day,  Norman Irvine whose total was 8lb 4ozs, Colin Sutherland with 7lb 15ozs and Kenny McLeod with 7lb 10ozs. The other qualifiers were Leslie Miller, Ian Hutcheon, Andrew Morgan, Malcolm Russell and Frank Watt.
Ken and Norman fished just round the corner from the site in Bochan where they found feeding fish in very shallow water right at the start, with Ken netting his first two fish with his first couple of casts before Norman proceeded to catch the next 6 in a row by 1130 fishing midge hogs and snatchers. They then changed to pulling when the wind increased with DI3 and mini lures, especially Erlends Cat did very well. For Colin Sutherland it was a floating line and small flies, especially Rogan’s Midge and for Kenny McLeod it was a fast glass and Lures with Viva his top pattern in the very shallow water in Nistaben.
Andrew Morgan organised the heat on SANACC’s behalf and the officials on the day were Brian Forman and Fanta.
All the very best to all the qualifiers in their semi finals at the Lake of Menteith.

Brodgar League 2017

1. Monday 1st May  Swannay.  Thomson Cup for heaviest basket. Dowell Quaich for heaviest
fish. 12 noon - 6pm. Weigh-in 6pm - 6.45pm at Site Hut. Cancelled due to weather

Resceduled for Saturday 24th June

2. Saturday 13th May  Hundland for the Taffy Allan Trophy. 12 noon - 5pm.
Weigh-in 5pm - 5.45pm at Site Hut. Cancelled due to only five anglers entering

Resceduled for Sunday 28th May

3. Saturday 3rd June  Harray for the Pomona Cup. 12 noon - 6pm.
Weigh-in 6pm - 7pm at the Pomona Inn. (11 inch limit).

4. Sunday 11th June  Boardhouse for the Barony Cup. 12 noon - 6pm.
Weigh-in 6pm - 6.45pm at the Barony Hotel.

5. Friday 16th June  Harray for the Wm Shearer Plate. 6.30pm – 10.30pm.
Weigh-in 10.30pm – 11.15 pm at the Site Hut (11 inch limit).

6. Sunday 2nd July  Boardhouse for the Nick – Nick Trophy. 12 noon - 6pm.
Weigh-in 6pm - 6.45pm at the Site Hut.

7. Sunday 16th July  Swannay for the Miller Cup. 2pm - 8pm.
Weigh-in 8pm - 8.45pm at the Site Hut.

8. Saturday 29th July  Harray for the Clydesdale Bank Cup. 11.00am - 5pm.
Weigh-in 5pm - 5.45pm at the Site Hut (11 inch limit).

9. Saturday 19th August  Any Loch for the Loganair Cup. 11am - 5pm.
Weigh-in 5pm - 6pm at the Harray Site Hut. (10 inch limit all lochs other than Harray where an 11 inch limit will apply)

Cancelled Competitions - In the event of any Brodgar League competition having to be cancelled the next available date below shall apply. Sunday 28th May; Saturday 24th June; Saturday 22nd July; Sunday 27th August.



On Saturday 29th July , 12 fishers turned out for The Brodgar League Clydesdale Cup on Harray. At the
Start at 11am , there was a SSWesterly breeze which slightly changed direction and speed throughout the day.
Some boats headed up to Tenston, some to Ballarat, Nistaben and some to Biggings. On several occasions, the wind changed to more westerly and the sky opened up and produced heavy showers but usually didn’t last long. Around 3pm it became more Southerly. Boats weren’t moving around much so were obviously finding fish wherever they went. At around 4pm, the weather went calm and caenis came out , making it annoying and uncomfortable for all concerned..
At the weigh in there were no overly large fish , several around 1lb 2 ozs, 1lb 3ozs but heaviest fish went to Kenny Chalmers at 1lb 4 ½ ozs. Out of 12 fishers , 149 fish were caught and a lot put back, not reaching the 11inches. There were a few notable baskets , 1 @ 10, 1 @ 11, 1 @ 13 , 2 @ 14, 1 @ 15 and 1 @ 16.
In third place and making up for his poor result on Swanney las week was Alan Brough with 15 fish for
12lbs 5 ½ ozs, in 2nd place and gaining 9 points again was Alan’s boat partner Jack Leslie with 16 fish for
12lbs 8 ½ ozs , so a successful boat on the day. However the biggest basket of the day went to Graham Summers with 19 fish for 14 lbs exactly. Adding to Dad Davie’s basket of 13 , also a good boat day. Overall a good days fishing.
Now there is a bit of a respite with the final competition, Loganair, any loch on Saturday 19th August.



Competition 8 - Clydesdale Bank Cup







Lb oz


SUMMERS G 19 14 Lb. 00 oz 10
LESLIE J 16 12 Lb. 08½ oz 9
BROUGH A 15 12 Lb. 05½ oz 8
FLETT S 13 11 Lb. 01 oz 7
SUMMERS D 13 10 Lb. 07½ oz 6
MILLER P 14 10 Lb. 06 oz 5
CHALMERS K 14 10 Lb. 02 oz 4
CAMERON D 11 8 Lb. 12½ oz 3
MacDONALD W 10 8 Lb. 07½ oz 2
FLETT E 9 6 Lb. 04 oz 1
BARNETT A 8 5 Lb. 08½ oz 0
BARNETT E 7 4 Lb. 08½ oz 0