September 2013 Monthly Report

A superb trio of Holm Loch Fish

 Harray continued to fish pretty well till around the middle of the month, after which equinoctial gales churned up the loch and the fishing got a lot harder.

In the early part of the month, Daddies continued to trickle on to the loch and anywhere downwind of these could produce some spectacular sport. Otherwise, deep water drifts in some areas produced the goods for both sunk line and top of the water tactics. Some notable baskets included 23 for 22 lb 4 oz for John Munson; 14 for 14 lb for Billy Thomson; 13 for 11 lb 10 oz for James Harcus and 10 for 9 lb for Neil Chalmers. Drifts off Biggings, Ballarat, Bockan , Tormiston and Stoneyhill were popular and fly patterns included Hulks, Merkister Maid, Hogs, half Hogs and, Anorexic daddies. Many baskets contained the odd sea trout and Raymond Miller’s 3 lb 5 oz slightly coloured specimen was the best I heard about. Keeping it in the family, Paul Miller’s cracking 3 lb 4 oz brownie, caught later in the month, was one of the heaviest recorded this season.

Gillie Alan Shearer and guest Roy Surplice enjoyed a red letter day on Harray, bringing 29 fish to the boat including many in the 1 lb range and a couple of 1 lb 8 oz sea trout. Most of their fish were feeding heavily on daddies.

By all accounts, Boardhouse also fished well in the earlier part of the month as fish continued to take advantage of the daddy bonanza. Fish up to 2 lb were reported.

The tiny loch of St Mary’s, in Holm saw a degree of attention. There had been rumours about big fish being seen jumping. Ian Robertson took a couple in the 1 lb range and a nice 2lb brownie and his father, Alastair netted a fine 2 lb 12 oz specimen.

The Loch of Isbister, in Birsay also saw a degree of attention. Willie Smith and David Morgan brought 10 over 1 lb to the boat on a favourable day, and James Harcus netted a fine 2 lb specimen.

 Kirbister is always a popular back end wading venue and produced bigger than average fish at this time with around 50% of the catch over 10 inches and the occasional 2 pounder to liven things up.