Boardhouse proves to be tough nut to crack

Top Rod Kevin Muir

The weather was very favourable, with full cloud cover and light winds for the 10 am start last Sunday on Boardhouse, where 31 anglers paid their money and took their chance, fishing for the Walter Leask Cup. The word was that it had been tough going the day before, with very few fish caught, but would the improvement in conditions on the day improve sport? The answer was a resounding no for many of the anglers.
For much of the day there was a lot of activity on the loch, with boats running around looking for feeding fish, but to a great extent they were not to be found, but if anywhere fished, it would be fair to say that the Tufta end produced for some anglers. It was very surprising to many that the Caenis did not put in an appearance, especially in the times when the wind dropped right away leaving large slicks which would normally encourage them to hatch and bring the fish on, it just didn't get going, there was just a few trickling off. There were odd olives hatching too but that didn't seem to encourage much action either. The fish are obviously tuned in to Caenis and are just waiting on the next major hatch to gorge on them once again, typical of the time of year. There may not have been many of “ the curse”, but those anglers who fished using tactics and flies to imitate them did best on the day.
Top rod, winning the Walter Leask Cup was Kevin Muir, with a very creditable 8 fish for 6lb 11ozs, some going on a very tough shift. Runner up was Andrew Morgan with 4 good fish for 4lb 5ozs, closely followed by Neil Chalmers and Ken Kennedy, both with 5 fish for 4lb 4ozs, Ken also had the heaviest fish of the day, going 1lb 13ozs.
Kevin won the day fishing small orange hedgehogs and his Caenis muddler, while others scored with hedgehogs and Suspender buzzers. For most anglers, they will be glad to see the back of Boardhouse for a while, hoping for an improvement before they return for the last time this season. Yes, there's only three to go now, and things are really hotting up for Fisherman of the Year honours and team places for next year.
The last evening competition of the year is a week Tuesday on Harray, and as it’s a 1030pm finish, don't forget your torch!








Lb oz


MUIR KEVIN 8 6 Lb. 11¼ oz 16
MORGAN A 4 4 Lb. 05¾ oz 15
CHALMERS N 5 4 Lb. 04½ oz 14
KENNEDY K 5 4 Lb. 04½ oz 14
HARCUS JIM 6 4 Lb. 04 oz 12
LESLIE S 6 4 Lb. 00 oz 11
RENDALL M 4 3 Lb. 11¼ oz 10
MACLEOD K 5 3 Lb. 05 oz 9
BEWS J 5 3 Lb. 02¼ oz 8
MCCONNACHIE S 5 3 Lb. 02 oz 7
SUTHERLAND C 4 3 Lb. 02 oz 6
HUTCHEON I 5 2 Lb. 15¼ oz 5
ADAMS J 4 2 Lb. 15¼ oz 4
BYERS R 4 2 Lb. 11¾ oz 3
PHILLIPE 4 2 Lb. 08 oz 2
THOMAS B 3 2 Lb. 06½ oz 1
RUSSELL M 4 2 Lb. 04 oz 1
STANGER S 2 1 Lb. 09½ oz 1
HARCUS MICK 2 1 Lb. 08 oz 1
MILLER RAYMOND 2 1 Lb. 07 oz 1
LEASK J 2 1 Lb. 02½ oz 1
MUIR THORFINN 2 1 Lb. 02¼ oz 1
CRAIGIE A 1 1 Lb. 01¾ oz 1
IRVINE N 2 1 Lb. 01½ oz 1
ADAM K 2 1 Lb. 01¼ oz 1
GRANT J 2 1 Lb. 00 oz 1
MOAR D 1 0 Lb. 15½ oz 1
THOMSON BILLY 1 0 Lb. 14 oz 1
MILLER LESLIE 1 0 Lb. 08¾ oz 1
MUNSON J 0 0 Lb. 00 oz 0
WOOD S 0 0 Lb. 00 oz 0